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The growth and well-being of their newborn baby is the most important part of a parent’s life after entering parenthood. The mother and father both are always looking for the best that they can provide to their child. Best Baby walkers are a ploy to intensify the speed of growth in the toddlers and newborn infants. This ploy helps the child to gradually accustom himself/herself to walk steadily and faster. But, opposite to this the entire concept of a toddler’s walking depends on the proper usage and timely usage of the baby walkers.

The gadget is made by using hard metal and plastic which has wheels for moving around, the baby sits on the cloth attached to the plastic. This boon for the children and parents is gradually turning into their scariest nightmares causing a lot of infant and toddler injuries by misbalancing and falling or getting slipped.

There are enough cases where there are serious injuries reported due to the use of baby walkers in many countries of the world. There are countless cases of reported serious injuries and even death due to such incidents. The plastic device has no required controlling technique and thereby at times become a reason for extreme injuries. These baby walkers, many a time tips off the staircase and collide with walls which results in cuts and injuries to the toddlers and infants. Since this gadget helps a child to explore the different nooks and corners of the house which is manually not possible, it leads to the child going to places like the kitchen and the swimming pools which are areas of high danger to the infants and toddlers. baby walker.jpg

There are enough reasons to avoid the use of baby walkers. Therefore, different kid’s welfare and danger prevention authorities have made enough requests to the parents to avoid its usage. Some countries have completely banned the use of these baby walkers in their country. This extreme measure for the safety purpose was taken on the 7th of April 2004. This extreme step made Canada the first country to completely avoid the use and financial sale of baby walkers in the entire territory. They have even stopped the advertisement of such gadgets. This ban has therefore led to the vanishing of these baby walkers from the markets and even the second-hand sellers of such products. It is rightly said that imposing punishment leads to reducing the use of banned items. The country has taken stringent measures to avoid the use of this gadget. The people are the acquisition of baby walkers are made to pay huge fines for acquiring one or a jail term of six months is imposed on them. This utmost prevention law was undertaken after a survey of the hospital of Canada. The survey provides details of numerous injuries and death of infants and toddlers due to the use of this dangerous gadget called baby walkers.

This step of the complete ban has led to a reduction in the number of accidents related to baby walkers. The united states of America have now reported the reduction of accidents related to baby walker usage, after a lot of instruction and prevention agenda from different authorities and organizations.

But the next important question that arises is that, if not baby walker then what? The baby walkers with parent handling have developed for safety. This type of baby walker requires complete parent assistance. Since the parents will move the walker when out for a stroll or anywhere, there will be fewer chances of accidents related to moving beside swimming pools and kitchen area of the house. The assisted baby walker has a fabric handler to which the parent holds to and the toddler walks sitting on the fabric seat with his/her legs to the floor. This type of baby walker is much safer than the self-assisted one. The parents have gradually understood the pros and cons of using a baby walker and parents assisted baby walker. The parents have now trusted the fact that the growth of the baby and faster walking depends on the safe usage of baby walkers. The toddlers and the infants are now learning how to walk with the hourly use of the walkers. The baby walkers with parent’s assistance are helping the infants and toddlers to improve their reflexes and their physical activities. baby walk.JPG

The entire concept of a baby walker is very limited as parents think it is the main reason for an infant or toddler to walk. But, this isn’t true. Children learn to walk even if there is no baby walker available. The main reason for an infant to walk is the mental and emotional support and well-being the parents provide him/her with. The countries that have banned the use and manufacture of baby walkers have proven that the safety of an infant is the most important aspect of a family and a nation.

It is a norm for some places

There is a complete norm for some places there the baby walkers are completely worked out and they are completely banned out there. It is because it happens for the work which is managed onto the same and to take care of the fact that there are some sources which are happening on the side of the source. And for the infant to take care of the fact that there are sources which are not worked out then there is something that it can help you to choose out for the best.…