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Yamaha FS800 Review and Guide

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A great acoustic guitar from Yamaha is truly made for beginners and with that you will get many features which beginners don’t expect from a new guitar. At reasonable rate you can have a start to your journey to become a guitarist or for hobby if you want you can get it as well. From the last 50 years Yamaha is making acoustic instruments as per the users requirement and their manufacturing are done from China’s factory which is a handmade factory. A not so small and not so big guitar only made for beginners so that anyone can play.


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Wood called as NATO is used with that black-binding border gives it great look and protects sharpness. Having full outer body laminated keeps easily cleanable. Nice neck profile where you can handle it easily because not much thick amount wood is used and you can easily handle the strings. For those who have trouble in handling the big guitars then this guitar will work for you greatly. Lighter weight gives you advantage of carrying it anywhere easily with not much stress on the body. No edging near neck area so there will be less harm of scratching.


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Now comes the real thing the sound of guitar Yamaha FS800, here you will find it louder according to its size which is great feature of it because the main focus is on internal bracing ,and with louder sound you can connect it with you easily without having much of issue related to finger placements because of small size. A great classical louder sounds touch with the users makes it easily while learning. For starters it is a great choice because with loud sound they can learn better and can perform better as well which gives great confidence.


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For safety they can have taken really big care because everything is glossy and neck matt finished which shows great combination of control and looks. There are many users who are using guitars but the thing they get is disappointment especially beginners because sharp edges are not good for a rookie who is new and excitement can lead to injury. Having neck edges curved makes it easy to handle and finger placements as well. A great thing is that it is not heavy so when you carry it the issue of misbalancing will not be with you anymore.


A great shiny looking guitar which can catch many eyes gives it more like modern look and keeping the classic appearance from inside. Glossing and matt finishes are its feature with black binding on edges both back and front gives it 3-dimentional look. Small size gives greater availability of users. Its look is expensive but the pricing are quite interesting. When you look at the finishing it is like some millionaire kind of finishing but since it is handmade material makes it cheaper as compare to other guitars.

There are very few guitars which are having combination of looks and pricing but this guitar having everything and many experts have said this guitar can be called as best guitar at this price range.


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There are two colors available i.e. Natural and Ruby red. So who ever likes the natural look can have this guitar and for those who want something colorful then they can have Ruby red color. A stylish look of Ruby red gives it modern look as well but users can have this as per their color choice.


There are 2 sizes available in the market which is known as Dreadnought and Concert. So here now users can have choices if they want different little bigger size from bottom then they can have dreadnought but if you want smaller size from bottom then you can have this Concert size.


Acoustic (simple) and Acoustic-Electric (digital use) these two styles are available where you can have choice of purpose to use. If you want to present yourself louder like using some speakers or enhancement in sounds then you can have Electric one which is great as well and can influence many other beginners to buy it. Acoustic is learning style which is used by many beginners for the learning purpose only.


This instrument is 2nd version of Yamaha FS700 series because FS700 was liked by many users but the thing bothering was pricing and its quality so in FS800 they have brought almost everything a starter needs. Remember for beginners it is a great instrument but at professional level you can use it but according to purpose.


Quality can be compromised since the price rate is low. Since it is very at low at weighting the chance of getting it broken are high as well so safety accessories are needed which eventually increase its cost.

When you purchase it remember to check the external appearance whether it is broken or not because at the time of delivery it may get broken because of less weight. Sometimes the looks are good but strings don’t sound like same so tuning it can be complicated. For tuning purpose you will need a great user to tune it for you.

Pick your size well because bigger size in this does not fit well for small hands at neck. And this guitar is known for small size but you need to pick up the size careful otherwise you will face the issues of comfort…