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Funny, Simple and Cheap Party Games for Adults

It feels really annoying when people say that partying is boring or useless, does not it? Partying never was and never will be boring. Party with friends is a great source of refreshment. It can also prove to be a reunion or get together for those people who have not met and have had any contact in a long time. So it will be completely false to say that partying is bad.

Now, not only children have their own kind of fun during a party. Even adults can have the different kind of fun during a party. So if you are an adult and are planning a party, then let me tell you that there are various ways in which you can make your party entertaining.


And when it comes to entertainment, there are various games which can make a party worth attending. And the best fact is that you do not need to care about money! Here are some games which will not make you spend much but still will make your party enjoyable in any month of the year –

1. Great Minds Think Alike


Great Minds Think Alike is a kind of game in which you can have a lot of fun and playing this game can be a great way for unknown people to interact and know each other.

In this game, you will have to choose an answer of a question provided to you, and you must choose the answer or the object which you think most people will choose. The more people get the same answer, the more points they will bag for themselves. All you have to do is to prepare any amount of questions and have four options as answers. You will then ask these to your guests and they have to note their choice on a piece of paper. At last, tell them to disclose their answers and see who all have the same choices!

2. Who Am I?


Who Am I is a kind of guessing and enacting game. And it is a lot more fun when you play with a group.

In this game, you will have to note down the name of a person, movie or song or any other thing and will ask a person to enact the person or movie or song etc and the opposition team have to guess it correct. All you need to do is to divide the guests into two groups and you will be the umpire. You will have to write down the respective name and give it to the enactor. She/he will have to act like the given name and if the opposition gets the answer right, they will get the point. Same will be done vice-versa for several rounds. You can change the theme by telling the teammates to guess the answer and not the opposition.

3. Never Have I Ever


The game Never Have I ever is one of the funniest and most entertaining games that you can play in a party. This is a dare type of game in which you dare your guests to do something they have never ever tried.

In this game, you have to prepare a list of some dares including the things which you think your guests must not have tried. It entirely depends on your creativity how funny you can make the game. The dares may include proposing someone, or singing or dancing or something you think your guests have not tried and should do. It will be pure fun seeing their reaction!

4. Have You Ever


Have You Ever is the easier and simpler version of the Never Have I Ever game. So your guests will be safe from the embarrassment of doing something they have not tried. But wait! They will not do the thing but will have to tell the truth. Basically it is the Truth counterpart of the Never Have I Ever game.

In this game, you will have to ask your guests some questions you think will be funny. These questions may be about their life, hobbies or anything else. There are three versions of this game – the party version, the naughty version and the funny version. So choose wisely the theme and the questions and you will end up in a puddle of fun!

5. Truth or Dare


This is by far the funniest game of all and does not require any economic help. And it promises to deliver immense fun as well!

This is the combo pack of the above two games on the list and is known to everyone. It entirely depends on you how funny you can make the game. You can prepare a list of truths and dares beforehand or can prepare the question on the spot. There is a huge list of dares and truth if you dig deeper and there are many options which are enough to provide joy and entertainment.

6. Musically


I am not talking about the app of course! It is a type of simple and quick game which involves the common love of everyone – music.

In this game, you will have to divide the guests into groups of two or three or more if you like (more number of groups means more fun) and you will be the judge. You will have to prepare a collection of the lyrics of some songs and try to keep the songs a bit difficult (some songs which you think most people might have missed). During the game, you will tell half-of-the lyrics to the participants and they have to sing out the complete song. Listen and enjoy the voices of your guests!

7. Game of Phones


In the age when smart phones are everything for us, why not we use these as a mode of enjoyment? Here is the Game of Phones which involves using smart phones.

It is completely inexpensive but funny to play. In this game, you will have all your guests use their smart phones. You will provide them the dares like texting their ex or their parents, uploading a funny picture on their social media or anything you like is worth a dare. The results will be declared after you get any reaction to the dares. For example, if you give three of your friends a dare to message their ex, the one getting the first reply or the funniest reply wins. You can also challenge the participants to show some kind of skills or talent and the one with the best skills will be the winner. It will be a really funny game!…