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How to Become Rich – Best Ways to Earn Money

Whether you’re a student or unemployed, or working – we can all do with a little extra cash. Especially since the economy is in a very bad state right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are many ways you can boost your savings and earn some quick cash, simply stick to the tips given below and watch the number in your bank account rise.

Mandatory disclaimer, these tips are not provided by a fiduciary or financial advisor and must not be considered as such.

Stash the cash:

This tip is not much about earning money as much as it is about boosting your savings. This tip will force you to save money. For example, if you earn 4500 rupees, deposit the 3000 in your bank account and try to subsist with only 1500 for the month. This saving works in the ratio of 2:1. Save two parts of your monthly income and try to spend only one part of your income. For example, if you earn 60,000 per month, try to save 40,000 rupees and limit your expenditure to only 20,000 rupees. This will boost your savings quickly by forcing you to cut some corners, which brings us to our next tip. If you want further boost in your savings, then you can try our some legitimate trading robots, but make sure that you don’t invest into any scammy robots like Bitcoin Pro. (just an example)

Cut out any and all unnecessary expenditure:

Every moth, all of us spend a lot of money on things we don’t need. For example, try to avoid buying unnecessary snacks while grocery shopping or try to avoid buying new clothes or shoes that you don’t need. Instead, try to maximize utility from all the things that you already have in your house. This will also boost your savings and help you save money quicker.

Do online surveys:

This tip will actually help you earn money while sitting at home, especially while sitting at home during this quarantine. There are several websites and apps that connect you with companies that conduct online surveys to gather market research. And they pay well for every survey that you complete. The remunerate the participants either by transferring cash via Google Pay or Paytm or they will offer you vouchers for online shopping portals like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal that you can redeem on those e-commerce websites.

Do work-from-home internships:

Whether you’re a student or unemployed or working-from-home, we all have a extra time. Instead of wasting that time by playing video games or watching Netflix, you can do an online work-from-home internship that will involve you submitting your work over the internet in exchange for cash. These internships do no require a high degree of skill and while they may not pay much, every rupee earned will contribute to your savings. There are several websites such as Internshaala or Frapp that you can use to find these types of internships.

Work as a freelancer:

If you are a highly skilled professional or have some special expertise such as writing code or programming, writing, etc. you can consider becoming a freelancer. A freelancer works on a gig-by-gig basis and gets paid per job they do. There are several websites that you can sign up for that will help you find people that will hire you for a gig and pay you. For example, if you are a programmer, a small tore may hire you to set up their online website and pay you a lumpsum amount after completion of the job.

Take tuition classes:

You can always offer to tutor children if you scored well in your own exams – there is a huge demand for this in today’s competitive academic world and parents are willing to pay a lot for tutors for their children. Or if you play an instrument such as the piano, you can offer piano classes to earn some quick cash. You can also do the same with teaching swimming, or coaching children in sports such as football, cricket, handball, volleyball, etc.

Consider babysitting:

If you have a lot of time, and love working with children, offer your services a babysitter and charge on a daily or hourly basis. Working parents will very much appreciate your services and there is a rising demand for this – especially since nowadays, every household is a double income household and involves both the parents leaving home to work.

Sign up for a website like Fiverr: 

There are several websites like Fiverr where other individuals will pay you small amounts to do some menial tasks like design a logo, or make a presentation. Browse through these websites to find small task that are best suited for you.

Sell homemade goods on Amazon, Flipkart or Etsy:

Lastly, you can always consider making some homemade crafts or jewelry to sell on websites like Etsy or Amazon. You can look for ideas online, follow tutorials on YouTube and sell the finished products.

Provide a tiffin service:

Many housewives provide tiffin services to other residents in their buildings or through apps like FreshMenu – so if you’re a budding chef who wants to cook for some quick cash, you can also consider doing this. This will help you to do the work that you love and at the same time, serve a lot of people.

In conclusion, there are many ingenious ways you can earn some quick cash. But it’s not all about earning the cash, you also have to save it up and spend wisely if you want to grow your wealth quickly. Keep grinding and hustling, no body became a billionaire overnight!…