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Best Blankets to Buy in Winters

Stacking yourself up in cozy blankets is one of the best ways to endure chilly nights and icy winters. When the outside temperature falls low and your body starts to shiver, then the best way to relieve yourself is by getting a cozy and warm blanket.

While choosing blankets to endure winters, it is important to lay stress on fabric, fleece, fabrics, and velvet. The blankets are available in many sizes, designs, and colors as per your needs and requirements. Try to invest in a double-sided blanket to add to the warmth. Getting an all seasons blanket is also a good idea.

The type of Blankets

Before buying a blanket, it is important to know what you are looking for. Some types of blankets are – Standard, Afghan, Electric Blanket, Throw Blanket, summer blankets, etc.


While buying a blanket, it is important to consider its size. Chose one that covers your entire mattress and some of it is still left to tuck in the bed. Some sizes are 90*90, 85*90 inches, etc.


There are various fabrics to suit your needs. Wool is warm and heavy. It gives excellent insulation. Light-weighted and warm blankets of cashmere are silky, warm but are expensive. Children love fleece blankets as they are warm and cozy.

Weave Type

Blankets have many weaves to provide elevated warmth. Knit blankets are warm and cozy and provide the next level of warmth. Down blankets are quilted thus preventing the fabric from shifting. Conventional weave gives insulation hence preserves the heat of the body.


It has a large influence on the warmth provided by the blanket. Thick blankets aren’t very breathable. Therefore, they help to get warmth in cold temperatures. But a lightweight blanket is always preferred over heavy blankets.

Is the blanket durable?

We should take care that the blanket we buy is durable and the fiber it contains does not wear away. Durability is also affected by the way the blanket is used.

So here we present a list of best winter blankets that are sure to provide you warmth and comfort.

Solimo comforter by Amazon

One of the notable features of this blanket are that it is extremely soft and warm. It is reversible and light-weighted. It has a filling of silicone polyester. It has a filling designed in a way to protect you from allergies. It gives a luxurious feel to the owner. It comes in an olive green color. Aqua blue shade is also available. Its pattern is machine stitched. Its size and dimensions are 47.1*25.1*24.7 cm. These blankets are designed for everyday use and keep you warm during mild winters. They can be used in AC rooms and provide comfort as well.

Huesland blanket by Ahmedabad comforter

It comes in the mustard shade. It also possesses a solid pattern. It is the best cooling blanket and is double bed sized. It has a hypoallergic filling that will keep your skin away from any type of allergies. The size is 90*100 inches.

Casa Luxor abstract microfibre single comforter

The blanket comes in a divine blue color and experts claim it to be the best blanket that comes under budget. It is loved by kids and adults alike. It can be used all over the year and is comfortable all over the seasons. It is soft and delicate to touch and feel. Its size: 150*230 cm or 59*90 inches.

Snoopy home microfibre

It comes in blue color and king size. Material is microfibre. Its texture is soft and comfortable. It is warm and cozy. You can give your bedroom a fresh look and add to its comfort and warmth with this blanket. It is reversible and has a diamond stitching to prevent the fiber from moving.

Acmura microfiber comforter

it is a fine quality of blanket coming with 400GSM filling. Its fabric is ultra-soft. It has an excellent finish. It also comes with a beautiful bag to carry it. It is king-sized and hypoallergic. It provides comfort in every season. It is an elegant blanket available in white color. It is sure to add a new dimension to your room and make it look beautiful.

Cloth fusion pacifier

It is an AC blanket. It is reversible and provides a rich and luxurious feel. The pattern is diamond-shaped. Size is 900*100 inches. The style is simple. You can place it on your bed with any side up. The flip will give a new look to your blanket. The reversible microfibre will add warmth. The material is again allergy-free and soft to the skin. The fabric is snugly and will be loved by the children. But the only disadvantage of this blanket is that it is thin and will not be suitable for very cold weather. For mild winters it can be a great choice.

Utopia bed blanket

It is a two-sided blanket which is made up of 100% polyester. It is extremely durable and warm. It has a hem of 1 inch and double stitching. It is easy to maintain and is tailored with expertise. It is easy to carry and store. The fabric is plush and serves various purposes. It is one of the softest and warmest. It is also the perfect choice for backpacking.

Bedsore flannel fleece blanket

It is resistant to wrinkles and provides a royal look to your room. It is double-sided and light-weighted. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is a great alternative for people who are allergic to wool.