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Estimated Electricity Cost Of Mining One Bitcoin By Country

China has a plan to close mines that produce bitcoin because it makes electricity consumption more wasteful and risky. It agrees with the authorities’ assessment that digital currency (cryptocurrency) is not a strategic industry.

Several institutions ask the provincial government to “actively guide” companies in their respective regions out of the bitcoin currency mining industry.

The move was taken to encourage cryptocurrency miners to follow the closure of exchanges and ban the initial coin offering (ICO).

“Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity and also encourages virtual currency speculation,” said a statement in the prohibition document quoted by CNBC.

“Mining operations run counter to efforts to prevent financial risks and encourage activity to deviate from the real needs of the economy,” said another statement.

As is well known, miners create new bitcoins by breaking complex codes to validate recent bitcoin transactions. Although it doesn’t use complicated computing processes, cryptocurrency mining relies on massive computing power to look more like a factory industry than a traditional high-tech business. Make sure you use good quality electric switches to mine bitcoins.

Several bitcoin miners operate in remote areas without registering their businesses. Some miners also ignore local regulations that prohibit consumers from buying electricity directly from producers instead of grid operators.

According to one Shenzen-based miner, Liao Xiang, digital currency mines in China account for three-quarters of bitcoin distribution worldwide.

So far, miners have benefited from cheap electricity prices in areas rich in coal or hydroelectric power, including in Xinjiang, Mongolia, Sichuan, and Yunnan.

The global cryptocurrency mining industry has consumed 0.17% of electricity consumption from over 161 countries, according to data from Digiconomist, a website that tracks the digital currency industry.

This ban on the mining of digital currencies is against China’s strategy in the technological realm. As is well known, China expresses its desire to become a leading country in artificial intelligence and robotics technology.

Internet finance task forces, including the People’s Bank of China, have previously led efforts to tighten peer-to-peer lending and online consumer lending regulations.

However, the request did not mention regional leaders to close operations directly but somewhat narrowed the room for movement through strict policies regarding electricity consumption, land use, tax collection, and environmental impact regulations.

With strict rules in place, Chinese cryptocurrency mining entrepreneurs are looking for ways to move their operations overseas, move factories, or sell them.

Given the price of electricity and the cold climate to prevent computers from overheating, countries like Canada, Iceland, Eastern Europe, and Russia could be the next destinations.

It is acknowledged by the bitcoin mining business that moving the “factory” to another country is not something easy.

“The difficulty is that regulations in other countries require time and capital to build massive data centers,” said Liao Xiang. “This requires a lot of electricity supply and industrial areas that do not have many regulations,” he added.

China itself is not a suitable place to set up a digital currency mine.

Many digital currency mines in the Bamboo Curtain Country are due to the well-developed supply chain of computer components used for mining.

Electricity finance data for each country

Kuwait $1,415.09

Venezuela $1,629.50

Myanmar $3,087.47

Bahrain $3,627.78

China $3,644.93

Surinam $3,747.85

Ukraine $4,145.71

Uzbekistan $4,245.28

Trinidad and Tobago $4,288.16

Bangladesh $5,227.27

Kazakhstan $5,574.61

India $6,003.42

Ethiopia $6,174.95


The Best Affordable Mattresses for Getting Better Sleep.

WakefitOrthopaedic Memory Foam

This mattress is specially built for orthopedic pain, and this has memory foam inside it, which provides us with proper back support. Doctors also prescribe it. It has a length of 78 inches and comes with a width of 72 inches, which is good enough for a single and double bed fit. It also has a height of 8 inches, which is good enough. With that being said, it also provides at ten years of warranty, which is one of the best things you can expect from a brand like Wakefit.

Overall it has a great design with soft questions and has memory foam inside it. The plan also provides high-quality fabric and weighs around 12 kilograms. The company offers various sizes such as a single bed, double bed queen size bed, and king size bed. Overall it is a great mattress for murphy beds and can provide you haptic support.

SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress

This mattress comes with high-quality fabric on the corners and has a germ free stitch technology. The company also provides us with a 3-year warranty on the product. It has high-density foam, which is hard enough to get your body a proper fit. The design follows a minimalistic approach and has a dual-tone finish with an orange and white.

The fabrics used on this are high-quality premium fabric with nanotechnology stitching so that it remains germ-free. It also comes with pure form and has a hard filling on one side to settle on the bed. Overall it is an excellent purchase under a price of 8500 Indian national rupees. It is also one of the cheapest and high-quality products on this list.

Sleepyhead Original

One of the best things about this sleepyhead mattress is its packaging, which comes in a premium quality box. By far they have the best packaging. Now coming over to the product, it is a high-quality memory foam mattress that provides us with soft and everlasting support. The company also mentions that they provide us with a 10-year warranty, and the material used on this is foam is durable.

The company also provides us with a hundred-day trial and free home delivery, which is one thing that nobody offers. They also provide us with a washable fabric. You can clean it from time to time without ruining the interior foam.

It is manufactured in India and established in India as well. The company also provides us with a high-quality breathable fabric, which means that it has an accountable foam in it, which means that we get a comfortable sleep.

This mattress queen-size and has a soft texture on its exterior side and a memory form on its interior side. It is one of the best ones you can buy under a price tag of 10000 INR, and it is also one of the best mattresses on this list.


What’s in my Travel Bag When Packing Light

One of the things that are inconvenient and time-consuming before go on holiday is packing. Packing also often takes a lot of energy because you have to think hard about which items to bring and which items to leave at home. Still, you believe everything is essential, especially if you have a long holiday or plan to go to a new destination.

But you can’t bring a lot of stuff to your backpack or case because the plane/ bus/ cars have their capacity. You cannot bring them out, and every human being agrees that a comfortable vacation is not to carry too many things.

  1. Create a List

Making a to-do list is necessary because it would help you make sure nothing is left at home. Making lists can help you sort out what you don’t have to carry on the case.

When making a list, make sure you know what to do when you travel. Avoid carrying things that are less needed or easy to find when we are at your destination. Ensure the items you put in your backpack are required and cannot be seen when traveling.

2, Roll up the clothes

Rolling clothes is a great way to maximize the use of space in your backpack. When you want to roll clothes, make sure your clothes’ material is clothes that do not wrinkle easily to roll.

It is an exception when you have clothes with wrinkled material, no need to roll them, fold the clothes to be the smallest efficient size.

3. Categorize your stuff

Categorize your belongings, from clothes, toiletries, electronic goods, documents to cables. Making categories like this is to make it easier to check which objects have not been carried away. After you have categorized all the things, the items per sort into bags, plastic, or other small places, it will be easier to enter the input of removing items based on the object’s type.

This small pouch is also useful to avoid getting things mixed up or tucked into your backpack. Using a small bag when packing will make it easier for your imagination to create a scenario of putting these small bags into your gear. It will save you a lot of time, so you don’t have to get your things going in and out again because they are misplaced in your backpack.

4. Arrange Items Based on Priority

Good ordering is based on the level of how often the item is needed. Of course, we take out toiletries and bath clothes when we enter the inn room, unlike the camera or tissue you will need more often when traveling. Use a backpack with lots of pockets, making it easier for you to separate and retrieve these items, which you will need more often.

5. Use a small bag for the main object.

Bring a small bag that you can use anywhere without disturbing your activities. You can fill this little bag with essential and valuable objects, such as cellphones, wallets, tickets, lodging keys, or others. A small bag like this also makes it easier for you to move around without having to drop your backpack back and forth.

6. Bring a supply of plastic bags and rubber bands

Provide a plastic bag and rubber band that you can slip into the small pocket of your backpack. The plastic pouch can be used, for example, in the rain to protect your wallet and cellphone. Carrying a rubber band will also help tidy up your charger cable and earphones when you are in a backpack.

7. Bring Multifunctional Items

The use of multifunctional items will sum up the number of your belongings. For example, when you feel that you have had enough to use a cellphone camera, you no longer need to bring a camera other than a cellphone camera. You can also add other small but essential items to your list.



The growth and well-being of their newborn baby is the most important part of a parent’s life after entering parenthood. The mother and father both are always looking for the best that they can provide to their child. Best Baby walkers are a ploy to intensify the speed of growth in the toddlers and newborn infants. This ploy helps the child to gradually accustom himself/herself to walk steadily and faster. But, opposite to this the entire concept of a toddler’s walking depends on the proper usage and timely usage of the baby walkers.

The gadget is made by using hard metal and plastic which has wheels for moving around, the baby sits on the cloth attached to the plastic. This boon for the children and parents is gradually turning into their scariest nightmares causing a lot of infant and toddler injuries by misbalancing and falling or getting slipped.

There are enough cases where there are serious injuries reported due to the use of baby walkers in many countries of the world. There are countless cases of reported serious injuries and even death due to such incidents. The plastic device has no required controlling technique and thereby at times become a reason for extreme injuries. These baby walkers, many a time tips off the staircase and collide with walls which results in cuts and injuries to the toddlers and infants. Since this gadget helps a child to explore the different nooks and corners of the house which is manually not possible, it leads to the child going to places like the kitchen and the swimming pools which are areas of high danger to the infants and toddlers. baby walker.jpg

There are enough reasons to avoid the use of baby walkers. Therefore, different kid’s welfare and danger prevention authorities have made enough requests to the parents to avoid its usage. Some countries have completely banned the use of these baby walkers in their country. This extreme measure for the safety purpose was taken on the 7th of April 2004. This extreme step made Canada the first country to completely avoid the use and financial sale of baby walkers in the entire territory. They have even stopped the advertisement of such gadgets. This ban has therefore led to the vanishing of these baby walkers from the markets and even the second-hand sellers of such products. It is rightly said that imposing punishment leads to reducing the use of banned items. The country has taken stringent measures to avoid the use of this gadget. The people are the acquisition of baby walkers are made to pay huge fines for acquiring one or a jail term of six months is imposed on them. This utmost prevention law was undertaken after a survey of the hospital of Canada. The survey provides details of numerous injuries and death of infants and toddlers due to the use of this dangerous gadget called baby walkers.

This step of the complete ban has led to a reduction in the number of accidents related to baby walkers. The united states of America have now reported the reduction of accidents related to baby walker usage, after a lot of instruction and prevention agenda from different authorities and organizations.

But the next important question that arises is that, if not baby walker then what? The baby walkers with parent handling have developed for safety. This type of baby walker requires complete parent assistance. Since the parents will move the walker when out for a stroll or anywhere, there will be fewer chances of accidents related to moving beside swimming pools and kitchen area of the house. The assisted baby walker has a fabric handler to which the parent holds to and the toddler walks sitting on the fabric seat with his/her legs to the floor. This type of baby walker is much safer than the self-assisted one. The parents have gradually understood the pros and cons of using a baby walker and parents assisted baby walker. The parents have now trusted the fact that the growth of the baby and faster walking depends on the safe usage of baby walkers. The toddlers and the infants are now learning how to walk with the hourly use of the walkers. The baby walkers with parent’s assistance are helping the infants and toddlers to improve their reflexes and their physical activities. baby walk.JPG

The entire concept of a baby walker is very limited as parents think it is the main reason for an infant or toddler to walk. But, this isn’t true. Children learn to walk even if there is no baby walker available. The main reason for an infant to walk is the mental and emotional support and well-being the parents provide him/her with. The countries that have banned the use and manufacture of baby walkers have proven that the safety of an infant is the most important aspect of a family and a nation.

It is a norm for some places

There is a complete norm for some places there the baby walkers are completely worked out and they are completely banned out there. It is because it happens for the work which is managed onto the same and to take care of the fact that there are some sources which are happening on the side of the source. And for the infant to take care of the fact that there are sources which are not worked out then there is something that it can help you to choose out for the best.…

How to Become Rich – Best Ways to Earn Money

Whether you’re a student or unemployed, or working – we can all do with a little extra cash. Especially since the economy is in a very bad state right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are many ways you can boost your savings and earn some quick cash, simply stick to the tips given below and watch the number in your bank account rise.

Mandatory disclaimer, these tips are not provided by a fiduciary or financial advisor and must not be considered as such.

Stash the cash:

This tip is not much about earning money as much as it is about boosting your savings. This tip will force you to save money. For example, if you earn 4500 rupees, deposit the 3000 in your bank account and try to subsist with only 1500 for the month. This saving works in the ratio of 2:1. Save two parts of your monthly income and try to spend only one part of your income. For example, if you earn 60,000 per month, try to save 40,000 rupees and limit your expenditure to only 20,000 rupees. This will boost your savings quickly by forcing you to cut some corners, which brings us to our next tip. If you want further boost in your savings, then you can try our some legitimate trading robots, but make sure that you don’t invest into any scammy robots like Bitcoin Pro. (just an example)

Cut out any and all unnecessary expenditure:

Every moth, all of us spend a lot of money on things we don’t need. For example, try to avoid buying unnecessary snacks while grocery shopping or try to avoid buying new clothes or shoes that you don’t need. Instead, try to maximize utility from all the things that you already have in your house. This will also boost your savings and help you save money quicker.

Do online surveys:

This tip will actually help you earn money while sitting at home, especially while sitting at home during this quarantine. There are several websites and apps that connect you with companies that conduct online surveys to gather market research. And they pay well for every survey that you complete. The remunerate the participants either by transferring cash via Google Pay or Paytm or they will offer you vouchers for online shopping portals like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal that you can redeem on those e-commerce websites.

Do work-from-home internships:

Whether you’re a student or unemployed or working-from-home, we all have a extra time. Instead of wasting that time by playing video games or watching Netflix, you can do an online work-from-home internship that will involve you submitting your work over the internet in exchange for cash. These internships do no require a high degree of skill and while they may not pay much, every rupee earned will contribute to your savings. There are several websites such as Internshaala or Frapp that you can use to find these types of internships.

Work as a freelancer:

If you are a highly skilled professional or have some special expertise such as writing code or programming, writing, etc. you can consider becoming a freelancer. A freelancer works on a gig-by-gig basis and gets paid per job they do. There are several websites that you can sign up for that will help you find people that will hire you for a gig and pay you. For example, if you are a programmer, a small tore may hire you to set up their online website and pay you a lumpsum amount after completion of the job.

Take tuition classes:

You can always offer to tutor children if you scored well in your own exams – there is a huge demand for this in today’s competitive academic world and parents are willing to pay a lot for tutors for their children. Or if you play an instrument such as the piano, you can offer piano classes to earn some quick cash. You can also do the same with teaching swimming, or coaching children in sports such as football, cricket, handball, volleyball, etc.

Consider babysitting:

If you have a lot of time, and love working with children, offer your services a babysitter and charge on a daily or hourly basis. Working parents will very much appreciate your services and there is a rising demand for this – especially since nowadays, every household is a double income household and involves both the parents leaving home to work.

Sign up for a website like Fiverr: 

There are several websites like Fiverr where other individuals will pay you small amounts to do some menial tasks like design a logo, or make a presentation. Browse through these websites to find small task that are best suited for you.

Sell homemade goods on Amazon, Flipkart or Etsy:

Lastly, you can always consider making some homemade crafts or jewelry to sell on websites like Etsy or Amazon. You can look for ideas online, follow tutorials on YouTube and sell the finished products.

Provide a tiffin service:

Many housewives provide tiffin services to other residents in their buildings or through apps like FreshMenu – so if you’re a budding chef who wants to cook for some quick cash, you can also consider doing this. This will help you to do the work that you love and at the same time, serve a lot of people.

In conclusion, there are many ingenious ways you can earn some quick cash. But it’s not all about earning the cash, you also have to save it up and spend wisely if you want to grow your wealth quickly. Keep grinding and hustling, no body became a billionaire overnight!…

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India 2020

The efficient use and less time use for cooking are now possible in the kitchen in every home. The invention of gas stoves and the innovations in their design rendered them the most important element in the kitchen, without which no family would live with daily cooking.

We therefore mention the best four gas stoves in India, which are listed according to their features, characteristics, efficiency and size. It contains every gas stove with nearly every function, ranging from burners to ignition types, which will certainly facilitate your selection and will simplify your efforts.

Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas Stove

Image result for prestige royale plus schott 3 burner gas stove

Royale plus Schott 3 models from leading home needs manufacturers have some excellent features which make them listed in India’s top and best three-burner gas stoves. It is underestimated for a price below 8k not only by architecture and reliability but also by other functions like Auto ignition-Gt03L Ai that are never used.

Key Features

  1. Auto-ignition features can enhance the cooking experience to the next level providing precise flame comfort.
  2. This layout includes pan protection for both pots and cups that provide the same heat as the regular burner.
  3. The auto-ignition knobs are easy to use and are quite feasible.

The most exciting thing about Schott’s prestigious model is that the manufacturers have a 2-year warranty and Schott glass lifetime guarantees. It makes the product the most popular, and you could certainly prefer it if you want to boost your gas stove more easily, which saves not only your cooking time but also lasts really long efficient.

Preethi Zeal Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove

Image result for Preethi Zeal Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove

Preethi gas stove, which soon became popular in the market after its launch, has some invincible characteristics that make it a part of India’s top models.

Toughened glass surfaces with elegant design and the most effective burners are some of the features never seen in any stove for less gas and more output.

Key Features

  1. Triad Nozzle system can be done with low costs and can enable the stove achieve better efficiency in every kind of use criterion.
  2. The efficiency of the entire gas stove is 69 percent, with a distance of 260 mm from each furnace.
  3. The thermally tough glass ensures safe food for an extended period of time, with three highly efficient tripod burners.

Probably the best of its kind is Preethi Zeal 3 gas stove, which is ideally suited for families with medium sizes for regular purposes. With a 2-year guarantee, it is highly preferred for middle-class people on the gas stove alongside impeccable and unseen features.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stoves

Image result for Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove

Trust is the most important if you are about to buy something for your home needs and most people are looking for it first. One such company is Glen which provides the gas stove, already listed on the top four burners gas stove in India, with an impeccable guarantee period.

Key Features

  1. The rich matte black stainless steel body can be fitted perfectly with a place that gives the kitchen an elegant and classy feel.
  2. Aluminum alloy burners use less gas and never blast, although the knob is held in the fast, slow or high and medium range everywhere.
  3. The Glen CT1043GTAL Pan supports are of high quality and 4 mm thick, providing good stability and support for the pots and pans.

The Glen 4 Gas Stove has a long-term reputation and strong promise for people who are looking for an effective gas oven. The gas stove manufacturer has 5 years of warranties, making it quite desirable and the most significant product to be taken into consideration when you purchase a gas stove on the market.

Elica 3 Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Image result for Elica 3 Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Here is another Elica gas stove that meets the demands of the Indian home maker, the kitchen’s boss. Three perfectly mounted burners greet you as you have a first peek at this cook top furnace.

Key features

  1. Two big brass burners and a little burner are installed on this gas hob. The product range means that you also save time and precious gasoline.
  2. Three delicious foods can be cooked simultaneously. The placing of the burners does not interfere with the utensils.
  3. The combustibles have high-quality gas flow control buttons. The feature of self-ignition is excellent. This saves precious fuel while still inflaming the burners.

The slim floating design not only makes your kitchen look luxurious, but also attractive. However, the hobs are one of the easiest on the market to use.

The cast iron pot holder is so built that it is equally comfortable and easy to carry large and small utensils. It is easy to install and use the separate cook top. This cooker offers an easy cooking experience.

How do I select the perfect gas stoves?

Two or three burners are more than enough for daily usage, whether you belong to a midsized household. Many gas furnaces also have Jumbo Burners, which are highly effective versions of conventional burners, reducing cooking time and also using less power.

The gas stove choice can differ according to the kind of ignition. The concrete frames, often constructed of Stainless steel, Cast Iron and Aluminum, are extremely robust and also easy to clean. Most of them are lightweight and cheaper. Stainless steel is durable and can also be used for long periods.…

5 Best Top Loading Washing Machines in 2019

With the great advancement of technology come great inventions. And it will not be wrong to say that almost all of these inventions have succeeded in making our lives simpler and easier. We have been using these technical inventions since long and as of now, we will not be able to live without these.


Out of those many inventions which have made our living simpler, washing machines can be considered as one of the major inventions which have saved a lot of time and energy of the users. We used to wash our clothes sitting constantly at a place and then had to leave them under sunlight to dry. But now as we have washing machines, we are free of all tensions!

But when it comes to buying an appropriate washing machine, it is natural for anyone to get confused among all the hundreds of options available. And finally, you will not be able to find the perfect choice.

The best type of washing machine to go for will always be the top loading ones. Why? Here are the merits of top loading washing machines –

  • They are inexpensive and come under your budget. As they come in between 15K to 25K, you will not have to spend much!
  • These have adaptive design. So if you are one of those who have a back problem, buy these.
  • These are convenient and easy to use.
  • They are better cleaners; have larger water holding capacity and also a faster spin as compared to their front-loading counterparts.

But do not worry! If you are planning to get one for yourself, we will help you. Here is a list of five of the best top loading washing machines which have been considered smartest of their kind in the year 2019 –

1. LG 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Inverter Washing Machine


LG is one of the top leading brands when it comes to electrical equipments, and there is not any doubt that they produce some really good washing machines as well.

The LG 6.5kg Fully Automatic one is probably the best top loading washing machine you can find right now. There are numerous features that this has to offer. It comes with smart closing door which is convenient as you do not need to close it too hard! It has smart technology, so if you have a power cut, the machine will restart at the same point in the washing cycle where it stopped during power cut. And another feature is the SmartThinQ app which helps in diagnosing any problem with the machine through the phone itself! There is an 8kg option as well.

2. Samsung WA62M4100HY 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Inverter Washing Machine


There is no doubt in the fact that Samsung is one of the best smart phone manufacturers, but it also makes rather good electronic items as well. Take a TV or a refrigerator as an example. So washing machines are a product on the list as well.

The WA62M4100HY is one of the simplest and most convenient top loading washing machines. First of all it provides a premium look to the environment with its silver finish on the front and a brown colored lid on the top. It also has a sturdy and tough design and the controls beside the lid make it easier to use. The machine has the capacity of carrying a load of 6.2kg and ensures clean clothes at its full capacity. It comes with a warranty of 2 years in a price of around 14K.

3. Bosch 6.5 kg top-loading Fully Automatic Inverter Washing Machine


Bosch is company which has made a name for itself in a short time span in this highly competitive market. And it surely provides some of the best products to you.

The Bosch washing machines have something unique in them for sure. These provide a set of some excellent features at a reasonably affordable price. This washing machine has specially built in silencer that does the cleaning job very silently and still provides good cleaning. It includes all kind of modern features like the child lock and magic filter and yeah, there is no problem in low water pressure conditions as well. It also offers two years warranty on the machine and a 10 year warranty on the motor.

4. Whirlpool 7.5 kg Top-Loaded Washing Machine


If you are an old user of electronics, then you should be completely aware of the class that Whirlpool provides. Whirlpool has a bunch of products to offer in a low price but with quality features.

And this version is for those who are in search of a washing machine with the highest capacity. Is 7.5 kg a less capacitive value? The machine comes with an in-built heater which provides some extra cleaning. It also has auto sensing of load and it can automatically heat up water up to 60 degree Celsius for germ free wash. There are many more features that you surely are not going to find in any other washing machine mentioned in the list. What do you want more?

5. LG T8081NEDLJ 7kg Fully Automatic Top loading washing machine


So here is another product of LG with somewhat more cleaning capacity. It offers many features like corrosion resistance, self-diagnosis systems, smart inverter motor and a smart soft-closing door. The Smart inverter motor helps in regulating electricity. On an average, it consumes up to 35% less energy as compared to other machines. The in-built inverter motor has silencer which ensures silent cleaning. The machine can very well intake a load of 7 kg and you will not have to fear about any damage! It is because the Turbo Drum technology helps in withstanding a high laundry load even at its maximum spin speed. Since the motor is somewhat open and immune to dust accumulation and humidity, it is prone to corrosion. But you need not worry as it has a BMC motor protection system which prevents corrosion in and out of the machine. Life’s Good after all!…

Best Blankets to Buy in Winters

Stacking yourself up in cozy blankets is one of the best ways to endure chilly nights and icy winters. When the outside temperature falls low and your body starts to shiver, then the best way to relieve yourself is by getting a cozy and warm blanket.

While choosing blankets to endure winters, it is important to lay stress on fabric, fleece, fabrics, and velvet. The blankets are available in many sizes, designs, and colors as per your needs and requirements. Try to invest in a double-sided blanket to add to the warmth. Getting an all seasons blanket is also a good idea.

The type of Blankets

Before buying a blanket, it is important to know what you are looking for. Some types of blankets are – Standard, Afghan, Electric Blanket, Throw Blanket, summer blankets, etc.


While buying a blanket, it is important to consider its size. Chose one that covers your entire mattress and some of it is still left to tuck in the bed. Some sizes are 90*90, 85*90 inches, etc.


There are various fabrics to suit your needs. Wool is warm and heavy. It gives excellent insulation. Light-weighted and warm blankets of cashmere are silky, warm but are expensive. Children love fleece blankets as they are warm and cozy.

Weave Type

Blankets have many weaves to provide elevated warmth. Knit blankets are warm and cozy and provide the next level of warmth. Down blankets are quilted thus preventing the fabric from shifting. Conventional weave gives insulation hence preserves the heat of the body.


It has a large influence on the warmth provided by the blanket. Thick blankets aren’t very breathable. Therefore, they help to get warmth in cold temperatures. But a lightweight blanket is always preferred over heavy blankets.

Is the blanket durable?

We should take care that the blanket we buy is durable and the fiber it contains does not wear away. Durability is also affected by the way the blanket is used.

So here we present a list of best winter blankets that are sure to provide you warmth and comfort.

Solimo comforter by Amazon

One of the notable features of this blanket are that it is extremely soft and warm. It is reversible and light-weighted. It has a filling of silicone polyester. It has a filling designed in a way to protect you from allergies. It gives a luxurious feel to the owner. It comes in an olive green color. Aqua blue shade is also available. Its pattern is machine stitched. Its size and dimensions are 47.1*25.1*24.7 cm. These blankets are designed for everyday use and keep you warm during mild winters. They can be used in AC rooms and provide comfort as well.

Huesland blanket by Ahmedabad comforter

It comes in the mustard shade. It also possesses a solid pattern. It is the best cooling blanket and is double bed sized. It has a hypoallergic filling that will keep your skin away from any type of allergies. The size is 90*100 inches.

Casa Luxor abstract microfibre single comforter

The blanket comes in a divine blue color and experts claim it to be the best blanket that comes under budget. It is loved by kids and adults alike. It can be used all over the year and is comfortable all over the seasons. It is soft and delicate to touch and feel. Its size: 150*230 cm or 59*90 inches.

Snoopy home microfibre

It comes in blue color and king size. Material is microfibre. Its texture is soft and comfortable. It is warm and cozy. You can give your bedroom a fresh look and add to its comfort and warmth with this blanket. It is reversible and has a diamond stitching to prevent the fiber from moving.

Acmura microfiber comforter

it is a fine quality of blanket coming with 400GSM filling. Its fabric is ultra-soft. It has an excellent finish. It also comes with a beautiful bag to carry it. It is king-sized and hypoallergic. It provides comfort in every season. It is an elegant blanket available in white color. It is sure to add a new dimension to your room and make it look beautiful.

Cloth fusion pacifier

It is an AC blanket. It is reversible and provides a rich and luxurious feel. The pattern is diamond-shaped. Size is 900*100 inches. The style is simple. You can place it on your bed with any side up. The flip will give a new look to your blanket. The reversible microfibre will add warmth. The material is again allergy-free and soft to the skin. The fabric is snugly and will be loved by the children. But the only disadvantage of this blanket is that it is thin and will not be suitable for very cold weather. For mild winters it can be a great choice.

Utopia bed blanket

It is a two-sided blanket which is made up of 100% polyester. It is extremely durable and warm. It has a hem of 1 inch and double stitching. It is easy to maintain and is tailored with expertise. It is easy to carry and store. The fabric is plush and serves various purposes. It is one of the softest and warmest. It is also the perfect choice for backpacking.

Bedsore flannel fleece blanket

It is resistant to wrinkles and provides a royal look to your room. It is double-sided and light-weighted. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is a great alternative for people who are allergic to wool.

Funny, Simple and Cheap Party Games for Adults

It feels really annoying when people say that partying is boring or useless, does not it? Partying never was and never will be boring. Party with friends is a great source of refreshment. It can also prove to be a reunion or get together for those people who have not met and have had any contact in a long time. So it will be completely false to say that partying is bad.

Now, not only children have their own kind of fun during a party. Even adults can have the different kind of fun during a party. So if you are an adult and are planning a party, then let me tell you that there are various ways in which you can make your party entertaining.


And when it comes to entertainment, there are various games which can make a party worth attending. And the best fact is that you do not need to care about money! Here are some games which will not make you spend much but still will make your party enjoyable in any month of the year –

1. Great Minds Think Alike


Great Minds Think Alike is a kind of game in which you can have a lot of fun and playing this game can be a great way for unknown people to interact and know each other.

In this game, you will have to choose an answer of a question provided to you, and you must choose the answer or the object which you think most people will choose. The more people get the same answer, the more points they will bag for themselves. All you have to do is to prepare any amount of questions and have four options as answers. You will then ask these to your guests and they have to note their choice on a piece of paper. At last, tell them to disclose their answers and see who all have the same choices!

2. Who Am I?


Who Am I is a kind of guessing and enacting game. And it is a lot more fun when you play with a group.

In this game, you will have to note down the name of a person, movie or song or any other thing and will ask a person to enact the person or movie or song etc and the opposition team have to guess it correct. All you need to do is to divide the guests into two groups and you will be the umpire. You will have to write down the respective name and give it to the enactor. She/he will have to act like the given name and if the opposition gets the answer right, they will get the point. Same will be done vice-versa for several rounds. You can change the theme by telling the teammates to guess the answer and not the opposition.

3. Never Have I Ever


The game Never Have I ever is one of the funniest and most entertaining games that you can play in a party. This is a dare type of game in which you dare your guests to do something they have never ever tried.

In this game, you have to prepare a list of some dares including the things which you think your guests must not have tried. It entirely depends on your creativity how funny you can make the game. The dares may include proposing someone, or singing or dancing or something you think your guests have not tried and should do. It will be pure fun seeing their reaction!

4. Have You Ever


Have You Ever is the easier and simpler version of the Never Have I Ever game. So your guests will be safe from the embarrassment of doing something they have not tried. But wait! They will not do the thing but will have to tell the truth. Basically it is the Truth counterpart of the Never Have I Ever game.

In this game, you will have to ask your guests some questions you think will be funny. These questions may be about their life, hobbies or anything else. There are three versions of this game – the party version, the naughty version and the funny version. So choose wisely the theme and the questions and you will end up in a puddle of fun!

5. Truth or Dare


This is by far the funniest game of all and does not require any economic help. And it promises to deliver immense fun as well!

This is the combo pack of the above two games on the list and is known to everyone. It entirely depends on you how funny you can make the game. You can prepare a list of truths and dares beforehand or can prepare the question on the spot. There is a huge list of dares and truth if you dig deeper and there are many options which are enough to provide joy and entertainment.

6. Musically


I am not talking about the app of course! It is a type of simple and quick game which involves the common love of everyone – music.

In this game, you will have to divide the guests into groups of two or three or more if you like (more number of groups means more fun) and you will be the judge. You will have to prepare a collection of the lyrics of some songs and try to keep the songs a bit difficult (some songs which you think most people might have missed). During the game, you will tell half-of-the lyrics to the participants and they have to sing out the complete song. Listen and enjoy the voices of your guests!

7. Game of Phones


In the age when smart phones are everything for us, why not we use these as a mode of enjoyment? Here is the Game of Phones which involves using smart phones.

It is completely inexpensive but funny to play. In this game, you will have all your guests use their smart phones. You will provide them the dares like texting their ex or their parents, uploading a funny picture on their social media or anything you like is worth a dare. The results will be declared after you get any reaction to the dares. For example, if you give three of your friends a dare to message their ex, the one getting the first reply or the funniest reply wins. You can also challenge the participants to show some kind of skills or talent and the one with the best skills will be the winner. It will be a really funny game!…

Yamaha FS800 Review and Guide

E:\odd bhoot\3-1-2019\yamaha fs 800\1558171510786-FS820 NATURAL.jpg

A great acoustic guitar from Yamaha is truly made for beginners and with that you will get many features which beginners don’t expect from a new guitar. At reasonable rate you can have a start to your journey to become a guitarist or for hobby if you want you can get it as well. From the last 50 years Yamaha is making acoustic instruments as per the users requirement and their manufacturing are done from China’s factory which is a handmade factory. A not so small and not so big guitar only made for beginners so that anyone can play.


E:\odd bhoot\3-1-2019\yamaha fs 800\IMG_5691.jpg

Wood called as NATO is used with that black-binding border gives it great look and protects sharpness. Having full outer body laminated keeps easily cleanable. Nice neck profile where you can handle it easily because not much thick amount wood is used and you can easily handle the strings. For those who have trouble in handling the big guitars then this guitar will work for you greatly. Lighter weight gives you advantage of carrying it anywhere easily with not much stress on the body. No edging near neck area so there will be less harm of scratching.


E:\odd bhoot\3-1-2019\yamaha fs 800\1558171510786-FS820 NATURAL.jpg

Now comes the real thing the sound of guitar Yamaha FS800, here you will find it louder according to its size which is great feature of it because the main focus is on internal bracing ,and with louder sound you can connect it with you easily without having much of issue related to finger placements because of small size. A great classical louder sounds touch with the users makes it easily while learning. For starters it is a great choice because with loud sound they can learn better and can perform better as well which gives great confidence.


E:\odd bhoot\3-1-2019\yamaha fs 800\yamaha-fs800-acoustic-guitar-sand-burst-free-gig-bag-p25455-34026_image.jpg

For safety they can have taken really big care because everything is glossy and neck matt finished which shows great combination of control and looks. There are many users who are using guitars but the thing they get is disappointment especially beginners because sharp edges are not good for a rookie who is new and excitement can lead to injury. Having neck edges curved makes it easy to handle and finger placements as well. A great thing is that it is not heavy so when you carry it the issue of misbalancing will not be with you anymore.


A great shiny looking guitar which can catch many eyes gives it more like modern look and keeping the classic appearance from inside. Glossing and matt finishes are its feature with black binding on edges both back and front gives it 3-dimentional look. Small size gives greater availability of users. Its look is expensive but the pricing are quite interesting. When you look at the finishing it is like some millionaire kind of finishing but since it is handmade material makes it cheaper as compare to other guitars.

There are very few guitars which are having combination of looks and pricing but this guitar having everything and many experts have said this guitar can be called as best guitar at this price range.


E:\odd bhoot\3-1-2019\yamaha fs 800\image.jpg

There are two colors available i.e. Natural and Ruby red. So who ever likes the natural look can have this guitar and for those who want something colorful then they can have Ruby red color. A stylish look of Ruby red gives it modern look as well but users can have this as per their color choice.


There are 2 sizes available in the market which is known as Dreadnought and Concert. So here now users can have choices if they want different little bigger size from bottom then they can have dreadnought but if you want smaller size from bottom then you can have this Concert size.


Acoustic (simple) and Acoustic-Electric (digital use) these two styles are available where you can have choice of purpose to use. If you want to present yourself louder like using some speakers or enhancement in sounds then you can have Electric one which is great as well and can influence many other beginners to buy it. Acoustic is learning style which is used by many beginners for the learning purpose only.


This instrument is 2nd version of Yamaha FS700 series because FS700 was liked by many users but the thing bothering was pricing and its quality so in FS800 they have brought almost everything a starter needs. Remember for beginners it is a great instrument but at professional level you can use it but according to purpose.


Quality can be compromised since the price rate is low. Since it is very at low at weighting the chance of getting it broken are high as well so safety accessories are needed which eventually increase its cost.

When you purchase it remember to check the external appearance whether it is broken or not because at the time of delivery it may get broken because of less weight. Sometimes the looks are good but strings don’t sound like same so tuning it can be complicated. For tuning purpose you will need a great user to tune it for you.

Pick your size well because bigger size in this does not fit well for small hands at neck. And this guitar is known for small size but you need to pick up the size careful otherwise you will face the issues of comfort…